WBU Vængjaskófla

STARK WBU Wing Bucket is a versatile attachment when plowing large areas and loading snow, wood chips and other material. WBU bucket can be used on tractors, property management machines and wheel loaders.

Thanks to buckets functional shape it fills and empties easily. The trajectory of the wings is 145 degrees. This enables for versatile working width adjustment as well as precise snow removal from the walls. The widths of the wings are 900-1100 mm.

SPRING LOADED WINGS (SLW) technology allows the wings to follow the plowed surface. The high flexibility of the wings enables bigger tilting angle when removing packed snow is then more efficient.

WBU buckets are available in several different sizes, from 1.4 m3 up to 5.2 m3, with total working widths of 4 – 5.5 m. Bolted STARK FIT tool adapters are available for WBU 2150-2800 models. Welded adapters on WBU 2950-3300 models.

Cutting edge (500 HB) with hole spacing (305mm) for standard wear blades as a standard equipment.

STARK’s own After Sales and spare part service guarantees long-life cycle to STARK products.

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