Sorting grapples

Rototilt’s sorting grapples are our largest tip-to-tip grapple model. With an extra large grapple width, the sorting grapple is constructed for the most strenuous jobs such as stone handling, timber lifting, demolition and scrap metal sorting. Wide grapple claws provide better stability when lifting, the powerful chassis is optimized for maximum strength and the replaceable blades are designed in hardened boron steel for maximum durability. Supplement your tiltrotator system with a sorting grapple to make your machine even more versatile and handle all sorting work smoothly and efficiently.The sorting grapple is designed for use with Rototilt’s tiltrotators, and has a lifting capacity of up to 12 tonnes and impressive clamping forces of up to 75 kN. All our grapples have expander pins for easier adjustment and smarter servicing, as well as end-limit damping that automatically brakes the grapple claws at full opening position. This eliminates impacts and results in reduced wear and increased service life of both product and components


Name SOG80
Attachment S70, QC70, S80, QC80
Machine weight, min-max 50705 – 66140 lb
23000 – 30000 kg
Weight 1753 lb
795 kg
Lifting capacity, max 26455 lb
12000 kg
Grapple area 14.83 cu ft
0.42 m²
Working pressure, min-max 3626 psi
250 bar
Pressure relief valve 3626 psi
250 bar
Recommended flow 21.13 gpm
80 l/min
Grapple force, max open 16860 lbf
75 kN
Grapple force, tip-to-tip 4833 lbf
21.5 kN
Dimension A, Height tip to tip 4,69 in
119 mm
Dimension B, Width 3,54 in
90 mm
Dimension C, Height max grapple width 3,19 in
81 mm
Dimension D, Max grapple width 10,24 in
260 mm

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