STARK bucket sweepers are designed for areas where high cleaning power and durability are required of the sweeper unit, such as streets, yards, industrial areas, ports, and sorting centers.

The bucket sweeper can be used on tractors, tool carriers and wheel loaders.

The STARK Bucket sweeper BSW-S  -Model is specially designed for use with a wheel loader. It boasts a large waste bin and 900 mm lamellas, which makes it high-performing and adds to the sweeping quality.

The robust STARK Bucket sweepers, BSW-S –Models withstand wear and shocks.

Bucket lip plate made of 500 HB wear steel, boltable saving blades and edge wear pieces protect the bucket from wear.

SUNLINE 900 mm lamellas improve the work surface on uneven brushing areas.The large hopper volume reduces emptying intervals. The optional PIN FLOAT floating frame improves efficiency and increases operating comfort.

The hydraulic motor is integrated inside the brush roller for protection against impacts. The coupling with a buffer protects the hydraulic motor of the brush roller in starting and collision situations.

The large opening angle of the brush roller allows a full unloading angle directly on the platform. When the brush roller rises, the bucket can also be turned straight down when tipping onto the platform.

Infinitely adjustable brush height and support rollers improve efficiency and increase operating comfort.

Cleaning performance and dust binding properties can be further enhanced by equipping the watering system (available as an accessory) with  tanks.

Requirements for hydraulics: connection with at least two hoses, at least one double-acting hydraulic block, oil flow must be 55-120 l/min.

Operating principle of the Bucket sweeper:

1) When driving forward, the bucket sweeper easily collects even larger pieces, such as pieces of board, boulders or pieces of plastic.

2) When driving backwards with the bucket sweeper, you can finish the brushing result by collecting even finer material.

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