Rototilt bucket 90 l, S30-180

Make light work of your grading jobs with our grading bucket. Thanks to our smart choice of material and thorough design, we have succeeded in combining relatively low weight with a robust construction. The result is a strong and smooth grading bucket, making your grading jobs easier.

The bucket’s chamfered corners, adapted roof angle, long and flat bottom and conical shape are just some of the unique features that make this grading bucket a profitable worktool.

The optimized roof angle allows you to easily rotate the bucket without losing material. The conical shape of the grading bucket enables the material to be scooped up and released more easily. You can now work faster and more productively. Another important factor is that the bucket cuts through the material easily with minimal resistance, which has a direct and positive effect on your fuel efficiency.

Rototilt bucket 90 l, S30-180

Tæknilegar upplýsingar

TypeUniversal bucket

Item number



65 kg


90 l


900 mm

Minimum machine weight

2000 kg

Machine weight

3000 kg

Lower couplerS


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