STARK -Relax U-plow is a patented, scalable plow which is suitable for different purposes. With Stark Relax U-plow the maneuverability of the snow is on another level than any other snow removal tool. It can be used with tractors, tool carriers and wheel loaders. It is available in different sizes for a wide range of different base machines.

STARK Relax U-plow has the patented blade release system which releases lower part of the blade when the plow hits an obstacle. The springs return the blade back to plowing position. Relax-system prevents the plow and the basic machine breakdown, and  improves driver safety.

STARK Relax U-plow has the patented SMOOTH MOTION system. The velocity and force of side wings remains almost the entire 180 ° of motion in a constant, which allows the plow’s excellent maneuvering in tight places. Snow may be brought effectively on snowbank when the wing is turned forward. By turning the side wings into the rear position snow removal can be done efficiently even in running backwards with basic machine. Wings may also be driven separately front and rear, so the plow can be used like an diagonal plow.

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