Pallet forks


For excavators weighing 4—33 tons

Engcon’s pallet fork – A robust and cleverly engineered design for best visibility. Tempered forks guarantee a long service life.

NOTE! Always consult the applicable safety instructions for using the pallet fork on each individual machine. When using the pallet fork together with a tiltrotator, a load-holding valve must be fitted to the tiltrotator. All Engcon tiltrotators are fitted with load-holding valves in the tilt cylinders as standard equipment.

  • The EC-Oil automatic quick hitch system connects the hydraulics without the operator needing to leave the cab.
  • Operation of hydraulic pallet forks is done from within the cab
  • Mechanical hydraulic pallet forks are held in the correct position with a robust latch and the position is adjusted manually.
  • Forged forks for increased durability and service life

GH = Mechanical fork widening
GHH = Hydraulic fork widening
GHH1200L = Hydraulic fork widening, Light version for lighter machines

Technical specifications


GHH1200 GHH1200L GHH1200L GHH1500
Width [inches]: 47.2 47.2 47.2 59.1
Fork [inches]: 4.9×1.8×47.2 3.9×1.6×47.2 4.9×1.8×47.2 4.9x2x59.1
Weight [lbs]: 880 572 689 1,254
TP500 [lbs]: 10,361 6,393 10,361 12,566


GHH1200 GHH1200L GHH1200L GHH1500
Width [mm]: 1,200 1,200 1,200 1,200
Fork [mm]: 125x45x1,200 100x40x1,200 125x45x1,200 125x50x1,500
Weight [kg]: 400 260 313 570
TP500 [t]: 4.7 2.9 4.7 5.7

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