Götenes series G-Lock ™ is a completely new generation of tool mounts that meet today’s standards for safe locking of tools on excavators.

Thanks to the well-thought-out construction and a few components, the brackets are easy to assemble, use and maintain. G-Lock fits all excavator brands.

The tool mounts are mechanical and hydraulic. The core of the construction is a mechanical, spring-loaded sensing arm and a hydraulic shut-off valve that acts in interaction with the mounting lock cylinder. In order for the implement lock to be activated, the axles of the implement must be in the correct position in the bracket.

G-Lock does not have its own electronics but uses the machine’s own system with acoustic signal that warns if the lock is open. The locking bar indicator bar visually shows if the bracket is locked. The G-Lock series meets current industry standards and market requirements and meets future international regulations that are under investigation.

The brackets are available in several sizes from S60 and up, which means excavators from 12-50 tons.

Product benefits:

  • Eliminates the risk of the implement being connected incorrectly.
  • Brand independence.
  • Hydraulic and mechanical. Few components.
  • Easy connection. Maintenance free.
  • Meets today’s standards and meets the requirements of the future.
  • Strenx 700 in gables and locking wedges.

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