Detachable Sweepers


For excavators weighing 6—19 tons

Engcon’s detachable sweeper is also retrofitable.

Just like with the gripper cassette, the rotating brushes can be retrofitted simply on the quick hitch by being hooked onto the hitch’s two mounting hooks. The rotating brushes are then locked and connected to the hydraulics in a single action – quick and easy.

Engcon’s sweeper is driven by a powerful hydraulic motor and is raised or lowered by a hydraulic ram. The sweeper is flexible and its width can be adjusted for the job in hand, from cable sweeping to sweeping large areas. This reduces the need for manual labour and makes a safer workplace. The sweeper is available in several widths and is adapted for the new Engcon quick hitch.

Technical specifications


Length, cassette A [inches]: 23.1 26.2
Length, arm B [inches]: 34.4 38.4
Width, cassette C [inches]: 14.3 16.7
Width, guard D [inches]: 17.7/43.3/63 17.7/43.3/63
Height, guard E [inches]: 26 26
Max weight [lbs]: 410 463
Max total length A+F [inches]: 59.1 78.7
Diameter, brush G [inches]: 23.6/27.6/36 23.6/27.6/36
Width, brush H [inches]: 16.5/43.3/63 16.5/43.3/63
Oil flow min/max [gal/min]: 16 16
Fits hitch: QSD45,QSD50 QSD60,QSM60


Length, cassette A [mm]: 586 665
Length, arm B [mm]: 875 975
Width, cassette C [mm]: 362 423
Width, guard D [mm]: 450/1,100/1,600 450/1,100/1,600
Height, guard E [mm]: 660 660
Max weight [kg]: 186 210
Max total length A+F [mm]: 1,501 1,998
Diameter, brush G [mm]: 600/700/915 600/700/915
Width, brush H [mm]: 420/1,100/1,600 420/1,100/1,600
Oil flow min/max [l/min]: 20/60 20/60
Fits hitch: QSD45,QSD50 QSD60,QSM60

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