Warrior 2100 Spaleck

The Warrior 2100 Spaleck screen is the ultimate in mobile screening and separation technology. At the heart of the product is the 2 deck high performance waste recycling screen featuring Flip-Flow-Screen technology. The unique stepped top deck design, combined with state of the art Flip-Flow bottom deck, puts this recycling screen into a class of its own. This is a machine suited customers in many sectors of the waste recycling industry.

The Warrior 2100 Spaleck screens suit a wide range of shapes and sizes and can be deployed in a variety of applications including Quarry, Coal, Scrap, Commercial Waste, Compost/Mulch/Soil, Slag/Ash and Auto Fluff due to the options available.


  • 3D top deck screen media

  • Flip-Flow bottom deck with quick clamping for easy removal

  • Heavy duty inclined hopper

  • Low engine running speed to improve fuel consumption

  • Heavy duty, incline belt feeder

  • Jack up screen facility to aid mesh changes

  • Screen walkway and access steps

  • Hydraulic folding conveyors with excellent stockpiling capacity

  • Rapid set-up and shutdown time

  • Two speed tracks

  • Reversible side conveyors

  • Collection conveyor raise feature


2 Way Split

  • Weight (Est) 34,400kg (73,634lbs)

  • Transport width 3m (9’10”)

  • Transport length 15.48m (50’9″)

  • Transport height 3.4m (11’2″)

  • Working width 8.58m (44’7″)

  • Working length 15.77m (51’9″)

  • Working height 4.83m (15’10”)


3 Way Split

  • Weight (Est) 34,300kg (73,634lbs)

  • Transport width 3m (9’10”)

  • Transport length 16.02m (52’7″)

  • Transport height 3.4m (11’2″)

  • Working width 13.6m (44’7″)

  • Working length 16.3m (53’5″)

  • Working height 4.5m (14’9″)

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