Warrior 2100 Single Shaft

The single shaft screen provides the Warrior 2100 with the balance to screen efficiently in less demanding applications when the power of a triple shaft drive or the precision of a Flip-Flow deck is not required. The single shaft screen provides effective screening capabilities with a more conventional approach. Supported on 2 x 130mm bearings the single shaft screen provides an impressive screening stroke and screening angles of up to 18 degrees. The Warrior 2100 range has unrivalled conveyor and stockpiling configurationsPowerscreen Warrior 2100 single shaft scalper

Specification Value
Output Potential 625 tph (689 US tph depending on applications) / 625 tph (689 US tph depending on applications)
Transport Dimensions Width: 9’10” Length: 52’5″ Height: 11’3″ / Width: 3m Length: 15.99m Height: 3.43m
Working Dimensions Width: 44’7″ Length: 53’4″ Height: 15’4″ / Width: 13.6m Length: 16.26m Height: 4.68m
Weight 76,853lbs / 34,860kg
Screen 16’ x 5’ 1’’ / 4.88m x 1.56m

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