Arguably some of the toughest in the world, the Mecalac range of compact Tandem Rollers are designed for the rigorous demands of the Plant Hire industry. Meeting world-wide compaction standards for asphalt and granular layers, these machines not only provide ‘rental toughness’ they are operator friendly, high productivity rollers. With the 1300mm wide drum high compaction productivity is achieved via the powerful, well proven mass exciter system to deliver high dynamic force. Optimised balance between frequency and amplitude provides ultimate versatility in meeting all kinds of job site conditions. The hydrostatic drive power management provides excellent hill climbing ability and when combined with the superb articulation delivering a tight turning circle, these are highly manoeuvrable machines.


  • Total operating weight3435 kg (7,572.8 lb)

  • Overall width1370 mm (4’6”)

  • Overall Length2375 mm (7’10”)

  • Turning circle7690 mm (25’2”)

  • Travel speed10 km/h (6.2 mph)

  • Engine power (kW/hp)32,4 kW (43.4 hp)

  • Drum width1300 mm (4’3”)

  • Centrifugal force2700/3700 daN (6,070/8,318 lbf)

  • Frequency48/56 Hz (2,880/3,360 VPM)

  • Static linear Load13,21 kg/cm (73.9 lb/inch)

  • Amplitude0,5 mm (0’019”)

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