Titan 2300

The Titan 2300 is a mobile scalper that has been designed for a range of screening applications. Capable of a 2 way and 3 way material split, this machine can be operated as a standalone unit or as a secondary screen.

The highly aggressive single shaft screenbox can output up to 700tph (771 US tph) depending on the application.










Specification Value
Output Potential 700tph (771US tph) / 700tph (771US tph)
Transport Dimensions Width: 9’11” Length: 59’10” Height: 11’10” / Width: 3m Length: 18.2m Height: 3.6m
Working Dimensions Width: 50’5″ Length: 54’3″ Height: 16’2″ / Width: 15.36m Length: 16.5m Height: 4.93m
Weight 81,571lbs / 37,000kgs
Screen 20″ x 6′ / 6.1m x 1.83m
Titan 2300

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