Titan 1300

The Powerscreen Titan 1300 is a highly adaptable mobile screen which can operate in both scalping and precision screening applications giving it the ability to excel in even the most difficult of materials.








Specification Value
Output Potential 350tph (386US tph) / 350tph (386US tph)
Transport Dimensions Width: 8’2″ Length: 36’1″ Height: 10’2″ / Width: 2.5m Length: 11m Height: 3.1m
Working Dimensions Width: 45’11” Length: 41′ Height: 13’5″ / Width: 14m Length: 12.5m Height: 4.1m
Weight 45,745lbs / 20,750kgs
Screen 13’6″ x 4′ / 4.1m x 1.22m
Titan 1300

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