Qmini A10

  • You locate and find points / lines.

  • You locate and find pipes.

  • You will find the plot boundaries.

  • This is your phone

  • This is your measuring instrument

  • As big as the Iphone 8 plus

The Hi-Target Qmini A7 GIS measuring device is designed for contractors, utilities, municipalities and football and golf course employees where foremen can get accurate information quickly and securely between professionals. The Qmini A7 has a spiral antenna and GNSS RTK algorithm that provides great accuracy. Dust and moisture barrier IP67 standard. 12 hour battery life, powerful GPS transmitter. Qmini A7 uses Android operating system and can withstand 1.5m free fall on concrete. The GIS software library is extensive and offers the possibility of numerous GIS measurements. The Qmini A7 has a powerful camera that is useful for locating grounded equipment.


It is easy to enter coordinates and let the device find a point where direction and distance are specified. The accuracy of the Qmini A7 is up to 20cm with a correction from Topnet live netbase **. (depending on the situation).

Qmini A7 is a good and cheap measuring solution for measurements and point searches that do not require 2cm accuracy.


Qmini A7 sends coordinates / information with a photo and location via email

for example as .txt (for Excel) or .dxf

(AutoCad) file for example for engineering firms.

You can download data or layers in, for example, .dxf, .shp, .edt, .ed2 or .eds format. and insert into Qmini A7. The most common in Iceland is .dxf (AutoCad) or .shp (eg QGIS etc.)

You can put points / information from a
coordinate file or an engineering office inside the device and find them on a map in a very simple way.

A quality manual is included with the Qmini A7 in English, and instruction is also included.


The Qmini A7 has a 5.5 ”screen (the same size as the Iphone 8+) which can also be used as a regular phone with a SIM card. Including receiving and sending emails and sending data that have been registered, etc.

Qmini A10 GIS mælitæki

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