Phoenix 2100

The Powerscreen Phoenix 2100 trommel screen is designed to offer unrivalled production throughput and application flexibility. The robust design with optional features such as a heavy duty tipping grid or double deck vibrating grid make the Phoenix 2100 the most versatile trommel on the market today. The machine performs equally well in heavy C&D applications as it does in high volume compost production.


  • The 180° swivel fines conveyor, with a discharge height of 5.7m (18’6”) results in the creation of impressive stockpiles.

  • This swivel feature can be controlled via a remote while the machine is in operation, minimising downtime.

  • The powerful four wheel drive system with high performance friction grip wheels is used to turn the trommel drum giving operators the ability to run bi-directionally.

  • Powerful hydraulics provide excellent service access.

  • Discharge height of up to 3.7m (12′ 2″)


  • Weight (Est) 27,500kg (60,627lbs)  – depending on options

  • Transport length 17.9m (58′ 9″)

  • Transport height 4m (13′ 1″)

  • Transport width 2.6m (8′ 6″)

  • Working length 27.6m (90′ 7″)

  • Working height 5.7m (18′ 8″)

  • Working width 15.9m (52′ 2″)

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