The FM200 Direct Feed allows economical washing and sand processing to happen on a very small footprint. Suitable for pre-screened material with minimum oversize and is especially suited to dust washing applications.

This compact sand plant works on the principle that a dry pre-screened feed is delivered to the wash box equipped with a high pressure spray bar to pre-soak the feed before being delivered to the screen.

It has been introduced for applications where the percentage of over size in the feed material is minimum.


  • Can produce 1 rinsed aggregate and 1 grade of sand (or 1 coarse sand and 1 fine sand)  from a single dry feed material

  • Maximum recovery of saleable material through the removal of silt, slimes and clays below 75μm (200 mesh)

  • Robust easy to assemble steel construction complete with galvanized walkway & handrails providing easy access

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