Cobra 230

The Cobra 230 is the Portable Impact Crusher from EvoQuip. No matter what line of work you’re in, whether it is Construction & Demolition, Asphalt Recycling, Quarrying or Contract Crushing the Cobra 230 will enhance your profitability. The Cobra 230 Impact Crusher is a machine that provides class leading productivity, unmatched versatility and excellent fuel efficiency. The quick set up times, simple intuitive operation and ease of transport makes this machine an ideal solution for all applications.

Transport Length 30′ 7″ / 9.32m
Transport Width 8′ / 2.43m
Transport Height 9′ 10″ / 2.99m
Diameter Rotor 33″ x 34″ / 830mm x 860mm
Output Potential 275 US tph / 250tph

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