The professional loader for heavy works on the construction site convinces due to its powerful Z-Kinematics with two lifting cylinders. Application oriented parallel guidance, high breakout forces and fast working cycles are the main characteristics. In addition to the lockable axles, the self-stabilising centre-pivot (Mecalac Self Stabilising Concept) is another striking feature of the AX-series. This serves to perfect the handling characteristics and to increase stability.


  • Total operating weight5410 kg (11,927 lb)

  • Overall width1850 mm (6’) / 1950 mm (6’4”)

  • Engine power (kW/hp)55,4 kW (75 hp – 74.3 imperial hp)

  • Bucket volumes1,00 – 1,60 m³ (1.3 – 2.1 yd³)

  • Standard bucket volume1 m³ (1.3 yd³)

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