With a stacking height up to 4.66 m and a payload on pallet forks of 2860 kg, the AT1050 is ideal for use in handling. The new Mecalac P-kinematics ensures exact parallel guidance of the pallet forks and provides a break-out force of 5800 daN. The AT1050 can be equipped with bucket sizes from 1.05 to 1.6 m³. With the high reset force the kinematics offers, heavy attachments can be easily reset when at maximum reach.



  • Total operating weight7150 kg (15,763 lb)

  • Engine power (kW/hp)55,4 kW (75 hp – 74.3 imperial hp)

  • Dumping height4050 mm (13’3.45’’)

  • Bucket volumes1,05 – 1,6 m³ (1.37 – 2.1 yd³)

  • Standard bucket volume1,05 m³ (1.37 yd³)

  • Lifting height with forks4660 mm (15’3.46’’)

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