The AS1600 is the new flagship in the 11-ton class. It was developed as a professional wheel loader meeting the highest demands on performance, profitability, reliability, comfort and versatility. It is the only wheel loader of its class that offers a load over height of 3.40 m, and with a turning radius of only 4.35 m across the rear it is ideal for confined worksites. The AS1600 is powered by a water-cooled 100 kW stage IV Deutz turbo diesel engine with intercooler and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). The powerful common rail injection system and the electronic engine controller with intelligent link to the traction drive ensure an optimum usage of the engine power paired with low fuel consumption.


  • Total operating weight10920 kg (24,074 lb)

  • Overall width2480 mm (8’1”)

  • Engine power (kW/hp)100 kW (136 hp – 134 imperial hp)

  • Bucket volumes1,6 – 2,5 m³ (2.1 – 3.3 yd³)

  • Standard bucket volume1,6 m³ (2.1 yd³)

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