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Merlo P27.6

Merlo Panoramic 27.6 The P27.6 represents the smallest model in the Compact Telehandlers family. These dimensions, combined with high manoeuvrability, allow for maximum material handling performance even in small spaces. Equipped with the exclusive Merlo cab, already

The P27.6 reaches a maximum speed of 40 km/h, which allows you to drastically reduce the transfer times. Furthermore, the transmission does not require gear changes.

This telescopic handler can be granted tractor type approval, ensuring maximum versatility for a range of uses.



Everything at your fingertips

Exclusive precision:

Guarantee of maximum movement precision, thanks to the hydrostatic transmission, which ensures millimetric variations in the machine’s movements and load’s positioning.

Compact and lightweight:

The Merlo telescopic handlers are compact and lightweight to reduce manoeuvring space and impact on the ground. These features guarantee safety, manoeuvrability, productivity and lower consumption.


Merlo telescopic handlers are designed to offer the best visibility on the market, ensuring faster and safer operations.


The best workplace

Quiet and comfortable:

The new cab, of generous dimensions (1,010 mm), is mounted on Silent Blocks, which drastically reduce vibrations, guaranteeing maximum comfort and maximum visibility for the operator.

Quick accessories changeover:

The Tac-Lock system for hydraulic clamping of the attachments further improves operating comfort.

Protection of the handled load:

The boom suspension system (BSS) is available as an option, which protects the load during transfer and maintains a high level of driving comfort on rough terrain.

Air Conditioning System:

The air flow is distributed homogeneously within the passenger compartment and optimally reaches all areas for first-class comfort.


Simpler and smarter

Simple and precise operations:

The entire range is equipped with hydrostatic transmission, which makes the work phases simpler and more precise. Moreover, the dry disc brakes limit the absorption of energy, thereby reducing the machine’s fuel consumption.


Not just feelings

Record-breaking safety:

The Merlo integrated safety system controls the operating parameters in real time, allowing the operator to work in peace.

Certified cabs/Certified protection:

The Merlo cab is FOPS – Level II – and ROPS certified, to guarantee a high level of safety for the operator.

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Vinnuþyngd: 4850 kg

Lyftigeta: 2700 kg

Lyftihæð: 5.9 m

Hámarkshraði 40 km/klst

Fjórhjóladrif: Já

Mótor: Kohler stage V DOC+DPF,75

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