Vibrating Screen LS24


Weight: 1,400 kg (incl. lifting device)
Vibration motor: 1.15 kW, 1,500 RPM
Connection: 380 V, 50 Hz, 16 A
With operating hours counter
Height: 2,290 mm
Footprint: 2,400 mm x 1,580 mm
Screen surface: 2 x 2,180 x 1,630 mm

Screen upper deck: 2 Units 1.630 x 1.090 mm
Screen lower deck: 2 Units 1.630 x 1.090 mm


With the semi-mobile vibrating screen from XAVA Recycling, a wide variety of feeding material can be separated into 2 or 3 different fractions. Whether it is final material from a crusher (impact crusher / jaw crusher), C&D waste, brick debris, top soil, sand, compost, wood chips, bark mulch, gravel, etc. everything is carefully screened in 2 or 3 different final material sizes (without / with chutes).

  • SIMPLE OPERATION – connection to 16A high voltage current
  • CLEAN – purely electric drive, no site contamination due to damaged hydraulic lines or similar
  • FLEXIBLE – separation of various materials thanks to the use of different screen meshes
  • UP TO 3 FRACTIONS – with removable discharge chutes and separation plate
  • LOW MAINTENANCE – screws must be checked, maintenance-free bearings on the vibration motor
  • EASY TRANSPORT – with a standard car trailer, easy manoeuvring with a XAVA lifting device


Water spraying

For dust suppression or washing all kinds of materials such as gravel, crushed stone, etc. Supply via a standard water connection.

Metering plate

for LS24 und LS28.
For better dosage of various materials such as wood chips, sand, gravel etc. instead of the standard squeegee rubber.


For stationary use of the LS24 and LS28 screening machines. Use for instance for a fixed installation in a recycling process or for placement on concrete foundations etc.

3 Fractions Setup

Thanks to the simple attachment of the deviation and separating plates, various materials can be screened in 3 fractions in a very short time.

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