Vibrating Screen LS12

Weight: 190 kg
Vibration motor: 0.16 kW, 1,500 RPM
Connection: 230 V
Height: 1,440 mm
Footprint: 1,180 mm x 1,210 mm
Screen surface: 1,180 mm x 1,210 mm


With the XAVA vibrating screen LS12, a wide variety of materials can be screened and recycled. With the right choice of screen mesh, everything from compost to wood chips, earth, gravel, sand, C&D waste, brick debris, etc. can be screened. The separated material can be reused immediately. The screening machine LS12 is designed in a way that the screened material can fall directly into a wheelbarrow, which allows an easy and fast use of the final product.

  • SIMPLE OPERATION – standard 230V socket connection
  • CLEAN – purely electric drive, no site contamination due to damaged hydraulic lines or similar
  • FLEXIBLE – separation of various materials thanks to the use of different screen meshes
  • LITTLE WEIGHT – very easy manoeuvring thanks to LIFT & MOVE system
  • LOW MAINTENANCE – screws must be checked, maintenance-free bearings on the vibration motor
  • STUDDED TYRES – provide better traction on every surface


Water spraying

For dust suppression or washing all kinds of materials such as gravel, crushed stone, etc. Supply via a standard water connection.


Enlarged base frame for the LS12 and LS14 vibrating screen.
LS12X Installation Surface (LxBxH): 1210 x 1280 x 1440 mm
LS14X Installation Surface (LxBxH): 1210 x 1510 x 1640 mm

Hopper extension

Recommended for the X-LINE models LS12X and LS14X.
Creates an extended feeding width.

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