Variant Ocean 1800

Product description


Ocean 1800 from the Danish trailer manufacturer Variant can load boats up to 22 feet and has, among other things, a removable headlight plate, hauling winch with straps and much more. Available with accessories such as electric winch with wire, lashing brackets and straps.

Variant OCEAN 1800 has a total length of 729, width of 200 and a height of 145 cm. Can max boats both up to 22 feet. The boat trailer is built with 4 pcs. keel rolls, 12 pcs. side rollers and a track gauge of 178 cm. The trailer is with 2 pcs. 14? wheels and is 1-axle with brake. Total weight from 1,800 kg. and down to 1,300 kg. Standard equipment:

  • Nose wheel with clamp
  • Ophelier game with ribbon
  • Fully welded chassis
  • 13 pole plug
  • Adjustable keel and side rollers


Product specifications


  • Total weight (kg)1800
  • Load capacity (kg)1338
  • Max boat size – feet22
  • Mine. boat size – feet14

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