Variant 756 A-13 Steel – w / High tarpaulin

Product description


Variant 756 A-13 STEEL of 750 kg is a very suitable trailer for both the individual or the company. Are you, for example. and must use a trailer for garden and construction waste, then this trailer can handle the load. If you are a company that needs a high-profile trailer, then this might be a match.

Variant 756 A-13 STEEL of 750 kg is part of the variant boogie series and highly built steel trailers for business. The trailer has an inside length of 255, a width of 145 and a height of 35 cm. It has a loading height of 65 cm and with fold-down / detachable sides, front and rear bibs. The boogie trailer is with 4 pcs. 13 “wheels and is 2-axle without brake. Total weight of 750 kg. And payload of 507 kg. External dimensions of L379xW150xH100 cm. Standard equipment:

  • 13 pole plug
  • 22 pcs. tarpaulin knobs
  • 6 pieces. lashing eyes

Included in the price is a high tarpaulin incl. stand. Mounting not included. 


Product specifications


  • Total weight (kg)750
  • Load capacity (kg)507

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