Variant 2704 A4 – 13 – Full steel base

Product description


  • Bottom material – STEEL
  • Side material – STEEL
  • Draw game – YES, MANUEL
  • Nose wheel – YES


Variant 2704 A4 with full steel base is a medium-sized car transporter which is extremely suitable for transporting cars and other material. The entire bottom has raised holes, which ensures a multitude of options when the goods need to be lashed down, regardless of where on the trailer, the wheels or the goods are located. The entire bottom allows for the transport of many other types of goods as well. Variant 2704 A4 is perfect for the mechanic or others who often pick up or deliver cars. The hydraulic tip makes it easy to get self-driving vehicles onto the car trailer. If it cannot drive itself, the trailer is equipped with a manual winch with wire, which can handle the task.


Product specifications


  • Total weight (kg)2700
  • Load capacity (kg)2046
  • Wheel shock absorberNo, but prepared
  • Inside length (cm)400
  • Number of axles2
  • Inside height (cm)21
  • Inner width (cm)200
  • Loading height (cm)48
  • Bottom materialSTEEL
  • Total width (cm)248
  • Total length (cm)590
  • Wheel locationOUT ON THE PAGE
  • Side materialSTEEL
  • Number of wheels4
  • RampsYES, STEEL
  • SuspensionGUM ROSIN
  • TailgateNONE
  • Total height (cm)98
  • Wheel size13
  • 7/13 pin connector13
  • Draw gameYES, MANUEL
  • Nose wheelYES


Variant 2704 A4 car trailer allows for the transport of a large number of vehicles, and the internal width of 200 cm allows for wider vehicles than many other car trailers on the market. The interior bed dimensions are a whopping 412 x 200 x 21 cm, and the trailer has a total dimension of 598 x 243 x 93 cm. When the car trailer is tipped, it has an approach angle of 10 0 . Standard equipment:

  • Hydraulic tip
  • Nose wheel with tilt function
  • 13 pin connector
  • Full steel base with raised holes, for easy and efficient lashing
  • Steel sides

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