TR 600E

The Swepac TR 600E is an electrically-propelled trowel for floating and trowelling of fresh concrete.

  • The TR 600E has a strong reliable worm gearbox with permanent lubrication.
  • Safe electric drive, environmental friendly and quiet-running.
  • Long and height-adjustable handle.
  • The long handle is foldable for convenient transport and storage.
  • Very low  level of hand/arm vibrations from the handle.
  • “Easy grip” dead-man’s handle that is easy to hold and designed in such a way that it can be gripped from any point along the ergonomic handle.
  • Lifting hook with integrated plate to protect the engine.
  • The rotating protection ring offers excellent visibility features. An O-ring fitted on the out side of the cover protects walls against damage.
  • All steel parts have been electrically galvanized with an extra thick layer to provide better protection against corrosion.
  • Screw or alternatively quick-pitch system for blade adjustment.
  • Unique fast blade change system. Just one quick-release pin per blade.
  • Easy to carry out service, change the blades or the floating disc – just tilt the machine with the transport wheels fitted.
  • All Swepac trowels are versatile and easy to operate. They are strong and reliable which means lower operating and maintenance costs.

Technical specifications

Motor 230V, 1-phase 50Hz
Motor output 1.5 kW
Speed (engine shaft) 2810 rpm
Speed (output shaft worm gear) 130 rpm
Weight 63 kg
Weight, transport wheels 2.6 kg
Diameter rotating ring 600 mm
Working diameter 581 mm
Diameter floating disc 595 mm
Length working position, approx 1640 mm
Height working position 1460 mm
Height transport position 980 mm
Hand/arm vibrations (HAV) 1.4 m/s2
Guaranteed sound-power level, LWA 93 dB(A)
Sound pressure level (at operator’s ear), OP 70 dB(A)

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