TR 2000-HRM

The Swepac TR 2000-HRM is a  ride-on trowel  for larger surfaces, intended for levelling and troweling of freshly laid concrete floors.

  • TR 2000-HRM- is an easy-to-drive, smooth and well-balanced trowel for optimal processing of concrete.
  • High maximum work RPM gives an effective and quick processing time of the fresh concrete.
  • Equipped with Honda’s reliable and environmental friendly, air cooled petrol engine GX690.
  • Thanks to the high driving position, the operator has a good overview of the work throughout the process and the work shift.
  • The oversized chassis frame effectively protects the rotary work tool from severe shocks and unwanted damage to the equipment.
  • Four LED headlights effectively cover all angles and provide excellent light around the entire machine.
  • Double water sprinklers are used if the concrete dry quick.
  • Equipped with Swepac’s unique blade locking system. The same system is used for the other trowels. No tools required for replacement, only 1 pin per blade axis, which you can easily detach without any tools.
  • The same blades for TR 2000-HRM and the handheld TR 950 simplifies and reduce costs.
  • Designed to facilitate accessibility to vital service points. This means that the machine owner is encouraged to take care of the important maintenance and service work
  • An optional strong and easy-to-use transport device is available.
  • All Swepac trowels are versatile and easy to operate. They are strong and reliable which means lower operating and maintenance costs.

Technical specifications

Engine Honda GX690, 2-cylinder, air cooled 4-stroke
Engine output 18 kW (24 hp)
Speed (engine shaft) 3600 rpm
Speed (blade cross), max 165 rpm
Fuel Unleaded or alkylate petrol
Fuel tank capacity 15 liter
Water tank capacity 15 liter
Net weight (without water and fuel) 285 kg
Protective cover 2000 x 1000 mm
Trowel area 1905 x 935 mm
Floating disc area 1920 x950 mm
Whole body vibrations according to ISO 2631 X-0,6m2, Y-0,4m2, Z-0,25m2
Guaranteed sound-power level, LWA 104 dB(A)
Sound pressure level (at operator’s ear), OP 88 dB(A)

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