Tefra Fully Automatic Quick Hitch


TEFRA – the single most significant progression in Coupler safety. This simple, comprehensive solution makes TEFRA the safest Coupler on the market today.

TEFRA fits excavators in size classes from 3 to 120 tonnes. TEFRA is fully compliant with the ISO 13031 global standard.


With TEFRA detail is everything

TEFRA materials and components are specifically selected for their high performance and long service life in the most demanding applications.

TEFRA is not only the safest coupler on the market today, its longevity is also assured. The integral design and safety specifications are ‘future proof’ because they comply with all current and expected future regulations.

Our aim is not just to make the TEFRA safe, but also to make the environment, the equipment and the job safe too. With this in mind, each coupler is designed and manufactured for each specific weight class of excavator… there are no generic designs and no shortcuts. Every detail on each TEFRA, matches the exact requirements of each excavator and attachment application.

Primary Safety Systems

This consists of a uniquely designed set of hooks powered by a single cylinder and high specification hydraulic controls that lock the attachment securely into place.
The intrinsic feature of the hooks is their shape – they are individually designed to tightly hold their respective pins against the body of the Coupler. This secure and failsafe retention means the attachment stays in place in all orientations and operating conditions.

Secondary Safety Systems

Our Active Protection System – APS consists of 2 separate powerful springs that apply pressure to the hooks to ensure attachment retention at all times.

A single leaf spring applies constant pressure to the front hook. This compact and durable spring ensures the hook stays in place at all times. A coil spring serves exactly the same role in relation to the rear hook.

Both springs are individually rated far in excess of any required strength and safety legislations, yet they remain as light as possible in order to satisfy Hill’s constant drive to create ‘strength without weight’ across all product ranges.

Reverse Hose

Hill Engineering Reverse Hose option: simple solutions to simple problems.

It’s long been an issue that Coupler hoses are vulnerable due to their location. They can easily become entangled in the excavator linkage, causing rapid wear and tear and often causing major damage too. The only logical solution is to prevent the hoses from moving out of position in the first place.

The Hill Engineering Reverse Hose consists of stronger hoses, encased in a protective sleeve that ensures they stay in the correct position all the times. When the hoses are between the bucket link, they can’t be damaged during everyday operation… simple as that.


  • The TEFRA fits excavators in size classes from 3 to 120 tonnes.
  • The TEFRA is fully compliant with international standards ISO 13031 and other applicable standards.
  • We believe that TEFRA is the safest coupler on the market today.


Tefra Coupler Data Sheet

Tefra Coupler User Manual

Tefra Coupler Brochure

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