Svetruck Empty Container Handlers

We know what it takes to safely and efficiently handle empty and laden containers for stacking, loading and unloading between terminal, roadtruck, railcar and barge.

Empty Container Handlers
There are two models for handling empty containers – CS and ECS.

Loaded Container Handlers
For loaded containers are forklifts in the range of 28 to 52 tonnes capacity


For handling of empty containers there are two models – CS and ECS.

A CS forklift is able to stack up to 5 high, equipped with forks or a sidespreader. The cabin can be placed in three different positions for a optimal view and saftey.

An ECS is particularly designed to stack empty containers up to 8 high in a safe and secure way. The machine can be equipped with spreader for single or double handling.  The cabin is rear mounted for best visibility.


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