Railroad grapples

Rototilt’s railroad grapple is engineered for those heavier jobs, with a design that makes it the optimal choice for handling items such as sleepers and rails. The railroad grapple has a lightweight and extremely powerful construction, also making it suitable for demanding and arduous assignments. The grapple cylinders are equipped with load-holding valves for improved safety, even if the hydraulic system should lose pressure. Another benefit of the design is that the railroad grapple is detachable. Rototilt’s matching quick couplers are compatible both with the railroad grapple and Rototilt’s other grapple modules. The railroad grapple can be mounted at the same time as you’re using Rototilt’s other tools. This makes work much more flexible when you need to quickly switch between various tools for different types of jobs.


Name RR820
Attachment QC60-4, QC45-4, QC60-5, QC45-5
Machine weight, min-max 22045 – 41890 lb
10000 – 19000 kg
Weight 352.74 lb
160 kg
Lifting capacity, max 11025 lb
5000 kg
Grapple force, max open 4496 lbf
20 kN
Grapple force, tip-to-tip 6744 lbf
30 kN
Hydraulic pressure, max 3626 psi
25 MPa
Dimension A, Max grapple width 32,28 in
820 mm
Dimension B, Angle 40°

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