The Swepac PVEL is an electronic poker vibrator with integrated converter.

  • Poker vibrator for all types of casting.
  • The special design of the converter with smooth beveled edges minimizes the risk of getting stuck to reinforcement and other obstacles.
  • Push button start and lamp provides safe and clear start function.
  • Available in four models, PVEL 38, 50, 58 and 65.
  • High centrifugal force provides a high degree of compaction.
  • Thermal protection on all phases protects the motor.
  • High insulation class on the electric motor protects it at high temperatures.
  • Poker head and end cap made of hardened high quality steel for long life-time.
  • Available in different lengths of the hose upon request.
  • Common to our machine models, they are smooth and easy to work with. They are also robust and reliable, which means low operating and maintenance costs.

Technical specifications

Poker type Electronic with converter
Voltage 230V, 1-phase
Protection class, converter box IP 67
Power consumption 1.9 A
Tube diameter / length 38 mm / 370 mm
Weight 9 kg
Capacity 20 m3/h
Centrifugal force 1 500 N
Hose length 5, 8, 10 m
Electric cable, length 15 m
Hand-Arm-Vibration, (HAV) 1.4 m/s2

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