PVC 1.6

The Swepac PVC-series offer very robust high frequency converters.

  • A strong and reliable traditional-type rotary mechanical frequency converter with an efficient cooling fan.
  • The unit is protected by a robust steel cage, which provides good protection against mechanical damage,
  • Suited for PVE and PVE-D,
  • Common to our machine models, they are smooth and easy to work with. They are also robust and reliable, which means low operating and maintenance costs.

Technical specifications

Converter type Rotative mechanical
Suited for pokers PVE, PVE-D
Power 1.6 kVA
Primary voltage 230V, 1-phase or 400V, 3-phase
Secondary voltage 42V, 200 Hz
Output current 23 A / 24 A
Outlet sockets 2
Weight (1-phase/3-phase) 30 / 28 kg

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