Neptune TRAILWOOD N7-253 TW [GN115]

Product description


Neptun N7-253 TW is a practical veneer trailer that comes as standard with an H-frame in the front. The entire trailer is built as a very strong construction, thanks to 5 traverses in the undercarriage and 2 continuous un-profiled beams under the barn on both sides. All steel parts on the trailer are hot-dip galvanized.

In other words, you get a strong trailer in veneer with railing and H-stand.

With manual tip for easier unloading of goods.


Product specifications


  • Total weight (kg)750
  • Load capacity (kg)545
  • Wheel shock absorberNo
  • Detachable sidesYES, TAILGATE
  • Detachable corner postsNO
  • Inside length (cm)253
  • Number of axles1
  • FeelNEPTUN
  • Internal height (cm)36
  • Internal width (cm)125
  • Exterior length (cm)259
  • Loading height (cm)60
  • Bottom materialFINE
  • Total width (cm)175
  • Total length (cm)365
  • Exterior width (cm)131
  • Wheel placementOUT ON THE PAGE
  • Internal lashing eyesYES
  • Number of wheels2
  • RampsNO
  • SlidskemagasinNO
  • TailgateFLAP
  • Support legsNO
  • Front grilleYES
  • Total height (cm)122
  • Wheel size13
  • 7/13 pole piece7
  • Collapsible pagesYES, BAGSMÆK
  • FjongknapperYES
  • Spare wheelNO
  • Nose wheelYES

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