Neptune PRATIK PR200 [GN117] with Vip

Product description


  • Detachable sides – YES, TAILGATE
  • Suspension – GUMMITORROSIN
  • Fjongknapper – YES


The ideal trailer if you are looking for a smaller but functional trailer with tilt.

The manual tipping function provides a good opportunity for easy and practical removal & dissolving of e.g. garden tractors and other smaller garden machines. If the trip goes to the landfill with garden waste, it is emptied in no time.

Note the inside height of 40 cm.


Product specifications

  • Total weight (kg)750
  • Load capacity (kg)623
  • Detachable sidesYES, TAILGATE
  • Inside length (cm)202
  • Number of axles1
  • FeelNEPTUN
  • Internal height (cm)40
  • Internal width (cm)114
  • Exterior length (cm)208
  • Bottom materialFINE
  • Total width (cm)158
  • Total length (cm)303
  • Exterior width (cm)120
  • Wheel placementOUT ON THE PAGE
  • Internal lashing eyesYES
  • Page materialSTEEL
  • Number of wheels2
  • TailgateFLAP
  • Total height (cm)91
  • Wheel size13
  • Collapsible pagesYES, BAGSMÆK
  • FjongknapperYES
  • Nose wheelNO


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