Neptune NORDICA N7-263 2 KPS [GN125]

Product description


Highly built boogie trailer with XL load dimensions.

XL loading dimensions, where all four sides can be folded down or completely removed

NORDICA is a reading aloud trailer with wheels under the barn. The result is a larger load target. All 4 sides can be folded down or removed completely. NORDICA is therefore ideal for loading pallets and other cargo with forklifts.

Protection when loading with a forklift

NORDICA has a strong steel edge profile in the outer edge of the barn. This steel edge profile protects the barn when loading with a forklift, so the bottom plate is protected.

Detachable corner posts

The corner posts on NORDICA are all removable, which makes the trailer versatile and flexible. If all four sides and corner posts are taken off, you suddenly have a completely flat trailer for transporting larger cargo.

Strengths, Strong closure

NORDICA has partly double sides, which makes them more stable and resistant. In addition, NORDICA is equipped with double closure in each corner. This makes NORDICA the preferred trailer for the serious and professional user.

Good driving characteristics and ideal for transporting long goods

NORDICA is equipped with a long drawbar, which together with the extra large load dimension ensures that the trailer fits perfectly after the car and is easy to see in the side mirrors. Backing with NORDICA therefore also becomes a breeze. Pga. the total length, the front apron can be folded down, and the trailer can be used to transport long goods.

Easy cargo securing

NORDICA is equipped with recessed lashings in the strong steel edge, which protects the barn. this means that the barn is completely flat for loading with a forklift, thereby protecting both the lashings and the barn.


Product specifications


  • Total weight (kg)750
  • Load capacity (kg)460
  • Wheel shock absorberNo
  • Detachable sidesYES, ALL 4
  • Detachable corner postsALL
  • Inside length (cm)263
  • Number of axles2
  • FeelNEPTUN
  • Internal height (cm)40
  • Internal width (cm)145
  • Exterior length (cm)269
  • TipNO
  • Loading height (cm)65
  • Bottom materialFINE
  • Total width (cm)156
  • Total length (cm)390
  • Exterior width (cm)151
  • Wheel placementUNDER LAD
  • Internal lashing eyesYES
  • Page materialSTEEL
  • Number of wheels4
  • RampsNO
  • SlidskemagasinNO
  • TailgateFLAP
  • Support legsNO
  • Front grilleNO
  • Total height (cm)105
  • Wheel size13
  • 7/13 pole piece7
  • Collapsible pagesYES, ALL 4
  • FjongknapperYES
  • Spare wheelNO
  • Nose wheelNO

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