Highly elastic plough with diverse snow clearing applications

MOSOR PK ploughs are highly elastic ploughs with a wide range of application, from open roads to narrow city streets. The system of elastic polyurethane connections of the plough’s wings and beam enables very good adjustment to the road surface and good snow removal.

The plough is intended for operation on roads with a large number of obstacles, shafts, potholes, speed bumps and curb endings. Elastic connections between the plough’s wings and beam significantly reduce vibrations during work and enable quieter operation.

MOSOR PK ploughs can be mounted on tractors, trucks and Unimog vehicles, which makes this plough the universal solution for open roads, as well as for urban and rural areas.


Fast ploughing

The plough wing’s curve ensures good snow ejection even at low speeds, avoiding the creation of roadside snow banks.


Elastic connections of the plough’s wings and beam, in combination with side bumpers which prevent the impact of side obstacles on wings, and polyurethane or rubber scrapers efficiently absorb vibrations and impacts and make MOSOR PK suitable for use in settlements and cities.

Reduced ploughing noise

Reduced ploughing noise is accomplished through the use of a special material forming elastic connections that enable the return of the snow plough wing to the original position after an obstacle is crossed.

Mounting system

Enables the attachment of snow ploughs on vehicles in several ways – using different types of mounting plates for trucks and special vehicles or by front three-point attachment on tractors.

Hydraulic drive

Snow ploughs can be powered by an installed electro-hydraulic power unit (EHAG) or hydraulics of the vehicle on which it is mounted. EHAG is a simple solution for mounting ploughs on vehicles without hydraulic installations, while RASCO hydraulics are a simple and reliable solution for controlling snow ploughs.


Within its product range, RASCO offers a wide range of upgrades for different types of vehicles in the form of front and side mounting plates, hydraulic systems and electrical installation upgrades.


MOSOR PK can be equipped with steel, polyurethane, rubber or combined scrapers.

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