Kobelco SK85MSR-3

Less Fuel Consumption Gives You the Competitive Edge.

Operating weight
8,270 kg – 8,500 kg
Engine rated power
42 kW / 2,000 min-1 (ISO 14396)
Bucket capacity
0.22 m3 – 0.28 m3

KOBELCO’s SR hydraulic excavator has seen a new evolution. KOBELCO has installed its full range of fuel-saving technologies in this SR model, resulting in unmatched low fuel consumption that heads the class in engine-driven hydraulic excavators.

Outstanding performance in tight spaces, on-site safety, less stress for the operator … KOBELCO was first to understand these demands and in response developed SR, short rear swing, excavators. The acclaimed SR concept went on to be adopted throughout the industry.

But KOBELCO didn’t stop there. Aware of changing needs among machine users in a changing social environment, KOBELCO has taken the SR concept through a further evolution with value-added features.

KOBELCO’s unique design for engine cooling, the iNDr system, cuts noise to extremely low levels. The newest KOBELCO approach to low fuel consumption, NEXT-3E, now also applies to short rear swing models, to maximize work volumes while saving on fuel.

And the new ECO-mode in the SK85MSR creates even greater savings on fuel to turn SR models into exceptional high-earning machines.

KOBELCO continues to lead the field in short rear swing excavators.

Kobelco SK85MSR-3
Kobelco SK85MSR-3
Kobelco SK85MSR-3
Kobelco SK85MSR-3

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