Kobelco SK260SR(N)LC-3

Powerful, Agile and Quiet.

Operating weight
SK260SRLC-3: 24,900 kg – 25,400 kg
SK260SRNLC-3: 24,800 kg – 25,400 kg
Engine rated power
NET 124 kW / 2,000 min-1 (ISO14396)
Bucket capacity
0.57 m3 – 0.93 m3

New Performance Capacities with a Small Rear Swing.

The rounded form says it all: an excavator built with a tiny rear swing for maximum maneuverability. But KOBELCO has taken this concept one step further by seeing just how much digging performance can be packed into a machine.

It is not the compact design that matters so much as the performance and functions that are actually used on site. And that’s just where the new SR Series really shines, thanks to our NEXT-3E concept.

Thanks to key iNDr technology, we’ve realized a whole new level of quiet operation, backed by a next-generation power plant that pushes performance to extraordinary new heights. Ten years after developing groundbreaking machines with tiny rear swings, KOBELCO continues to forge ahead as the leader in the field.

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