Kobelco SK230SRLC-5

Power Meets Efficiency.

Operating weight
23,800 kg
Engine rated power
124 kW / 2,000 min-1 (ISO 14396)
Bucket capacity
0.80 m3

KOBELCO has made the short rear swing excavator the standard for mid-sized machines. And with ongoing development in innovations such as the iNDr noise reduction system that both shuts out dust and cuts noise, KOBELCO is boosting value and leading the industry with construction
machinery ideally suited to the urban environment.

The new SK230SRLC retains the compact shape and iNDr system advantages that KOBELCO has pioneered, but it has been fitted with a new and larger engine assembly for improved environmental protection.

Low fuel consumption is balanced against increased work performance, and machine durability has been advanced. The new worldwide-model SK230SRLC. Working for the planet.

Kobelco SK230SRLC-5
Kobelco SK230SRLC-5
Kobelco SK230SRLC-5
Kobelco SK230SRLC-5

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