Kobelco SK210H(N)LC-10 HYBRID

Power Meets Efficiency

Operating weight
22,100 kg
Engine rated power
124 kW / 2,000 min-1 (ISO14396)
Bucket capacity
0.8 m3

In 2006, KOBELCO developed the world’s first hybrid machine full hydraulic excavator in the history of hydraulic excavators.
The forerunner of the hybrid machine full hydraulic excavators was the SK80H. Then, its 20-ton class successor, the SK200H-9, achieved overwhelmingly great fuel efficiency, creating a strong image of “fuel-efficient KOBELCO excavators”.

The SK210HLC-10, the latest model, is equipped with not only the hybrid technology developed and nurtured by KOBELCO but also a large-capacity lithium-ion battery for the first time in the industry.

The technology of KOBELCO which knows hybrid machines well has enabled a compact but high-power assist, evolving its hybrid machines into “genuine hybrid machines” in terms of fuel efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, the SK210HLC-10 is equipped with newly designed extra durable devices to maintain its value.
To the new stage. The hybrid machines of KOBELCO greatly exceed the hybrid standards that KOBELCO has established.

Kobelco SK210H(N)LC-10 HYBRID
Kobelco SK210H(N)LC-10 HYBRID
Kobelco SK210H(N)LC-10 HYBRID
Kobelco SK210H(N)LC-10 HYBRID

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