Kobelco ED160-3 Blade Runner

Dual Purpose from the Start!

Operating weight
15,700 kg
Engine rated power
69.2 kW /2,000 min-1 (SAE NET)
Bucket capacity
0.38 m3 – 0.50 m3 (SAE)

Productive Digging and Large-Capacity Dozing
Fit a hydraulic excavator with a large, tilt-angle dozer blade for great performance both digging and dozing: that’s the ED160 Blade Runner.

Using one machine to cover a whole range of jobs including leveling, digging, pipe laying and back filling, gives a massive boost in productivity. The tilt-angle blade allows leveling and back filling on irregular ground.

And the ED160 Blade Runner features the short rear swing SR spec. that means the operator can get on with the job in the tightest spaces without worrying about what’s behind.

The ED160 Blade Runner has built-in strength to deal with the double tasks of dozing and digging. Its iNDr noise and dust control system cuts engine noise and simplifies maintenance.

Add to that a well-equipped, comfortable cab. Giving fast, efficient digging and large capacity dozing, this one machine is versatility itself on site.

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