Motorway snow plough with 4 to 5 metre width

KALNIK XL is a robust plough intended for the maintenance of wide and open roads. It is designed for clearing deep snow and can be adjusted to the requirements of different ploughing widths. Its variable dimensions, implemented through opening and closing the leftmost wing, enable simple changing of plough width from 4 to 5 metres and ploughing with both widths. This enables the user to adjust to different profiles of motorways and access roads.

For maximum efficiency of clearing snow on motorways, KALNIK XL should be used in combination with the side BSP plough in an echelon ploughing configuration.


Fast ploughing

KALNIK XL is intended for ploughing at high speeds and has a range of installed safety elements that do not affect the snow clearing efficiency.


Installed mechanism of axial tilt, mutually independent plough wings and the available range of scrapers enable efficient clearing of snow.


The floating position, multi-segmented design, spring connections of the plough’s wings and beam and supporting elements in the form of wheels and slide pads contribute to the safe use of the plough.

 Mounting system

Enables the attachment of snow ploughs using different types of mounting plates for trucks.

  Hydraulic drive

Snow ploughs can be powered by hydraulics of the vehicle on which it is mounted. RASCO hydraulic system are a simple and reliable solution for controlling snow ploughs.


Within its product range, RASCO offers a wide range of upgrades for different types of vehicles in the form of front and side mounting plates, hydraulic systems and electrical installation upgrades.


KALNIK XL can be equipped with steel, polyurethane, rubber or combined scrapers.

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