Humbaur Pegasus 2400 – w / Swivel ramp / Panorama / Alloy wheels

Product description


  • Wheel shock absorber – Yes
  • Sadelskab – YES
  • Rear entrance – SWIVEL RAMP
  • Bottom material – ALU
  • Panoramarude – YES


Pegasus is not like the average horse trailer: with its exclusive design, made of high quality composite materials and aluminum,
it provides fantastic durability and minimal maintenance.
This luxury trailer is particularly impressive thanks to the harmonious design aesthetics and its huge interior space.
The extensive equipment offers luxury and comfort, right from the extra high front door for easy entry / exit, all the way to the generous ground clearance for the horses.
Swivel ramp allows loading of materials with forklift or similar, e.g. if feed is to be fetched, on pallets or otherwise.
Proven Humbaur quality has many benefits: Even large horses will enjoy a lavishly comfortable ride in the Pegasus
and arrive at their destination in a state of total relaxation.

Transport your horse comfortably, safely and in style.


Product specifications


  • Total weight (kg)2400
  • Load capacity (kg)1490
  • Wheel shock absorberYes
  • Inside length (cm)346
  • Number of axles2
  • Internal height (cm)237
  • Internal width (cm)171
  • SadelskabYES
  • Rear entranceSWIVEL RAMP
  • Loading height (cm)46
  • Bottom materialALU
  • Total width (cm)223
  • Total length (cm)460
  • Wheel placementOUT ON THE PAGE
  • Page materialALU
  • Number of wheels4
  • Cover over rampRULLEGARDIN
  • PanoramarudeYES
  • Height-adjustable boomsYES
  • Kick platesYES
  • Total height (cm)296
  • Wheel size15
  • 7/13 pole piece13
  • Nose wheelYES
  • Feeding troughYES
  • Front exitNO

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