Humbaur HUK 202715 tipper trailer – w/ FLEX + manual hydraulics

Product description


  • Removable sides – YES, ALL 4
  • Bottom material – STEEL
  • Internal lashing eyes – YES
  • Side material – ALU
  • Suspension – GUM ROSIN


Humbaur HUK 202715 – 2-axle rear tipper with FLEXePUMP

Humbaur HUK-202715 is a strong 2-axle quality trailer with rear tip from German Humbaur. A trailer created for professional use.
The trailer is fitted with the new FLEX-e-pump system, which with the help of a battery-powered screwdriver can
tip the bed quickly and easily, which makes it easy to empty the trailer regardless of whether you have gravel, soil, rubble or garden waste in the bed.

Solid rear tipper with smart details
The chassis is fully welded and hot-dip galvanized, and created for daily and professional use. The trailer’s construction with strong
steel beams and bottom frame ensures that it is stable on the road – even when the trailer is fully loaded.

The side frame has a strong V-profile with recessed lashing brackets. The recessed lashing brackets ensure that they are out of
the way when not in use. The rubber coating on the lashing fittings reduces noise while driving.
Each lashing bracket can handle a pull of 400 kg.

Humbaur HUK-202715 has strong profiled sides in aluminium, which are all foldable. The sides, together with the corner posts, can be completely removed.
It is practical if you need to convert your trailer into a flatbed trailer that can be used as an extra work table, for example.

The trailer is equipped with a strong and tiltable nose wheel.

Tip feature uses a cordless screwdriver, a cost-effective alternative to electric tips. Should the battery machine be flat, you have
the option of tipping the charge with the manual tip using a hand pump. The bed can be tipped up to 45 degrees.
Kongeaa Trailercenter recommends an 18-volt cordless screwdriver that can tip fully charged in less than 60 seconds.


Product specifications



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