For well-done, quick and precise results: from the drilling of holes for tree planting or the collection of soil samples, to the grounding of poles, moorings, pillars and foundations, high performance is guaranteed.

The Cangini auger enables precise, rapid operation.
The high quality hydraulic motor and the use of high-strength steel make this attachment reliable and durable, ideal for skid and mini skid loaders, wheel loaders and telehandlers.
Hydraulic and bi-directional, it is equipped with an epicyclic reducer on all models. Made in Italy, this reducer guarantees high reliability and a long working life, optimising machine performance. Compact in design, it is enclosed in a steel case protecting it from shocks.
The double articulated joint is useful to make perpendicular drillings in any slope degree.
The 3 drill bit options allow for the use of the auger in soils of different consistencies. The Standard bit is suited to medium-low consistency soils. The Medium bit will drill mixed soils of medium-high consistency. The Rock bit works in the most difficult and hard soil conditions, with a dense presence of rocks.
With a standard length of 1000 mm, the extension boom increases the drilling depth. It is also possible to customize the extension length according to drilling depth needs.


Equipped with transmission with gear reducer and double articulated joint, this auger enables the operator to drill in any slope degree.


The gear motor delivers a high rotation torque on all models, ensuring optimal operating speeds and efficiency on machines of all sizes. It is protected from impacts by a steel casing.


The 3 drill bit options allow for the use of the auger in soils of different consistencies.

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