Forklifts 18-30 tonnes

Each Svetruck is built to suit the conditions under which it will operate. The starting point is to find a balance in the interaction between man, technology and machine.

We build comfortable and safe workplaces that guarantee operators a good day at work. Smooth control of all function, optimum visibilty ot the working area and machine that can perform demanding tasks.We believe in long term use and there are good reasons for that:

  • Svetruck are well designed
  • Svetruck are time tested
  • Svetruck are durable och reliable
  • Svetruck are service friendly


Our mid range of forklifts is suitable for port-, terminal- and stevedoring companies as well as heavy industries and steelworks. We have a wide range of liftmasts and fork carriages for different applications etc, suitable for Svetruck 18-30 tons.


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