Powerful and durable equipment, able to withstand heavy-duty works.

The forestry mulcher is designed to handle even the heaviest workloads: the deep clearing of woods and forests.
It is equipped with a piston engine to withstand the most intense work pace.
It can be equipped with different rotors to suit any need.
The forestry rotor with retracting hammers is suitable for cutting shrubs, bushes and briars. The forestry fixed-tool rotor is designed for heavy-duty works, such as mulching large sized plants. The chipping rotor is suitable for grinding trunks.
The power of the different rotors can be better exploited thanks to the presence of back and front opening hoods.
The great resistance of the forestry mulcher is guaranteed by its reinforced body.
Another feature that makes this equipment extraordinary is the forced ventilation operated directly from the rotor, which allows the cooling of circuits and of the hydraulic motor, in order to keep oil temperature constant.


Both the circuits and the hydraulic motor are cooled by a forced ventilation cooling system driven by the rotor. The forced airflow helps to keep the oil temperature constant.


The reinforced body with double bottom guarantees high resistance against accidental shocks and twisting movements.


Mechanically or hydraulically (optional) opened, the front and rear hoods allow to make the most of the rotor’s power, for effectively mulching large size trunks.

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