Fit-Zel Duo 35-25-93 Tridem – Hel alubund

Product description


  • Ramps – YES, ALUMINUM
  • Sliding magazine – YES
  • Support legs – YES, IN THE BACK


Fit-Zel Duo 35-25/93 – Car trailer for 2 cars

The Fit-Zel Duo is a large car trailer with a high load capacity and a long bed of 930 cm. The trailer is designed to transport two cars at a time, but is also suitable for transporting pipes, timber and other goods that require an extra long bed.

Duo 35-25/93 – Robust German quality for professionals

Algema Fit-Zel has more than 30 years of experience in producing solid car trailers for professionals. The flexible Duo 35-25/93 with 3 axles is the largest in their Duo series – here you get a strong and reliable trailer with an aluminum bed and undercarriage, chute magazine, aluminum chute and tool box.

Unique loading capacity and huge bed – payload: 2,400 kg

The special thing about the Fit-Zel Duo 35-25/93 and the other models in the Duo series is the construction, where we have succeeded in finding an optimal ratio between a low dead weight, a large and long bed and a strong undercarriage.

The secret is that the entire chassis and bed are produced in profiled aluminium. This makes the trailer very light without compromising strength and safety.

The low curb weight means that you can load more and get maximum benefit from the trailer, which has a total weight of 3,500 kg.

Huge warehouse for cars and other goods

The load on the Fit-Zel Duo 35-25/93 is very large. The interior measures 930 cm in length and 250 cm in width, the largest trailer in the Fit-Zels Duo series. The long bed is designed so that you can transport 2 cars at a time, but the trailer is also suitable for other goods that require a large bed, e.g. steel profiles, timber and pipes.

The Fit-Zel Duo 35-25-93 comes with a full aluminum base and heavy-duty wheel stops for two cars, so you can easily and safely fasten cars and other vehicles to the trailer. The wheel stops click effortlessly into the trailer’s two side profiles. In addition to the wheel stops, there are lots of lashing holes in the sides of the trailer.

Driving comfort and traffic safety

Algema Fit-Zel has equipped the trailer with 3 strong axles to distribute the weight and equipped the trailer with shock absorbers on all 6 wheels, so that you achieve a comfortable and safe drive – even when the trailer is fully loaded.

Trailer with practical equipment

  • 2 pairs of heavy-duty wheel stops (4 pcs.)
  • Solid aluminum base
  • Wide aluminum chutes
  • Slide magazine with foot release
  • Support legs
  • Nose wheel
  • Toolbox

Here you get a long and durable auto-trailer with chute, chute magazine and tool box.


Product specifications


  • Total weight (kg)3500
  • Load capacity (kg)2400
  • Inside length (cm)930
  • Number of axles3
  • FeelFIT-ZEL
  • Inner width (cm)250
  • TipNO
  • Loading height (cm)58
  • Total width (cm)254
  • Total length (cm)1070
  • Wheel locationUNDER LOAD
  • Internal lashing eyesNO
  • Number of wheels6
  • SuspensionGUM ROSIN
  • Number of cars2
  • Side materialALU
  • Sliding magazineYES
  • Support legsYES, IN THE BACK
  • Total height (cm)68
  • Wheel size10
  • 7/13 pin connector13
  • Draw gameNO
  • Spare wheelNO
  • Nose wheelYES

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