The FBE is a light-weight and easy to manoeuvre engine screed.

  • Reliable  230V, single phase motor.
  • Variable vibration frequency.
  • Adjustable working angle on the profile for work in both directions when moving the profile.
  • Lifting handle and protection bracket over the engine.
  • Smooth aluminium profile in box shape, easy to clean.
  • De-vibrated handles provide optimum operator comfort.
  • The handle can easily be extended with additional pipes.
  • Common to our machine models, they are smooth and easy to work with. They are also robust and reliable, which means low operating and maintenance costs.

Technical specifications

Motor, electric 230V, 1-phase
Power 500 W
Centrifugal force 1 300 N
Frequency 12 000 vib/min
Weight, drive unit 12 kg
Aluminium profile, length Weight
1.5 m 4.6 kg
2.0 m 6.2 kg
2.5 m 7.8 kg
3.0 m 9.3 kg

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